New Version of KiteNet

Hello KiteNet users,

We released a new version of KiteNet.dll
This is basically a performance update.

We also released Hello Kite v2.0, Demo Trading Platform built with KiteNet.

How to update:
Download Link:

Excel Users:
Download the DLL files from the above link.
Extract to a folder and follow the install notes to register the DLL.
Post install, you may get error in excel, pls follow the steps mentioned at
to resolve

No changes required in your existing excel workbook, just compile the VBA once. If you get error 'Method not found', just comment that error line or remove the entire function.

.Net Users:
Download the DLL files from the above link.
Copy the below DLL's to your app/debug folder and replace the existing file.


Rebuild the project.

Hello Kite v2.0:
This is demo trading platform built with KiteNet.
We have tried our best to give good UI, better than the earlier versions.
It's a complete trading platform with all standard functionalities.

1.png 36.5K
2.png 42.9K
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