How robust and reliable are your API's?


I have observed a pattern wherein, usually the API timeouts at 9:30 AM. In my implementation, I am trying to fetch historical data via a scheduled job at 9:30 AM. Today it timeout with following error, the snippet below (P.S: I'm using .NET nuget package for Kites):

System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out at KiteConnect.Kite.Request(String Route, String Method, Dictionary`2 Params) at KiteConnect.Kite.GetHistoricalData(String InstrumentToken, DateTime FromDate, DateTime ToDate, String Interval, Boolean Continuous)

Its crucial for my program to work 100% of the time and this is not the first time I'm seeing the timeout issue. So, here are my questions for the dev team of Zerodha:
1. I believe the timeout is occurring as the server is not able to cater to all the request at that point of time. What are the steps are you guys taking to mitigate this issue?
2. Do you recommend, I have a re-try logic, till you guys try to resolve the same?
3. Do you recommend, I re-schedule my job to run during the nonpeak time i.e. 9:29:30 AM, till the issue is resolved.

Also, in the closing; I do like to mention the API needs to be more robust and the QOS needs to improve. My bottom line is impacted if your service does not deliver what I need and when I need. Sad to say but steadily I'm losing faith in the quality and reliability of the API's provided.

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