Streaming of ticks stops abruptly

Am facing the issue with continuous streaming of ticks. Sometimes the ticks stop coming. It doesn't happen all the time but I see this happening at least once a week.

So is there any standard way to retry the connection when we stop getting the ticks.
I suspect we should get "onDisconnected" notification.
Should we again subscribe for the ticks on this notification? What is the ideal way to get all ticks without any issues?
Is there any java code samples for the same?

PS: Am running my program from cloud with very good computing and network performance.
  • sujith
    Hi @ksv,
    The idea is you never block the main thread that keeps listening to ticks. Let us say you are doing computation or database write or any calculation, it blocks the main thread till the operation is complete. In this scenario, you are blocking the incoming ticks. Ideally, you should always offload all the computations to a secondary or slave thread.
    Just make sure the main thread is always available to listen to incoming ticks.
    javakiteconnect offers a reconnection mechanism. You can check out the example here.
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