BUY & SELL Process with out user interaction

If I start the trading from his browser in trading time
1. Can API can execute BUY & SELL based on the conditions stored in the database?
2. We execute API call using our programming and also execute API call for BUY & SELL using our program?
3. Client will just start and stop the trade through an interface in trading start time and trading stop time.
We will establish a websocket connection using python script.
Rest of the BUY & SELL process will happen based on the logic we write in the code.
Is this possible?

Or each time when API return value of a stock unit, user have to place BUY & SELL manually using API ?

Please advise.
  • rishiswethan
    It's simple, everything you can do in the site for your trades can be done in the API. So yes, you can execute your buy and sell based on the logic in the code automatically
  • sujith
    Hi @dileepkumarpb,
    If you are developing a platform for users then I would suggest writing to talk(at) with a brief description of the platform to check with compliance team.
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