Issue with /holdings API; close_price returned as 0

I had posted a thread about this issue in the morning but seems that some angry moderator has deleted it. So I am posting again.

The /holdings API used to return close_price as last session's close price. This is useful in calculated today's PnL and PnL percentage. Since this weekend the API returns this field value as 0. I spent good time this morning in figuring out why the PnL is all infinity (good feeling!) this morning.

Workaround is to call /quotes API to get last close price but this was working for a long time so I do not want to do patching there.

Is this going to get fixed? Also do not delete the thread without intimating the customer.
  • sujith
    It seems to be working fine. We can see the close price for all the holdings today.
  • enliyo
    Perfect! Consider issue as resolved.
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