Latest Login Time

Hello guys, what is the latest login time, so that the access token stays valid throughout the day?
  • rakeshr
    Access token are flushed every day at 7:30 AM and new one is generated every day at 7:35AM.So, make sure you generate access token post 7:35 AM on the same trading day and can be used throughout the day,unless logout.
  • Guhan
    thanks @rakeshr, I think you can add this in docs or in 'frequently asked question'
  • milli
    milli edited June 2020

    As per @rakeshr the access_token expires at 7:30 however, my token expired at around 05:30 and I created a token around the same time and kept using the same token all day. So, are you sure that the token expires at 0730 Hrs?

  • rakeshr
    Access token flush does happen around 5:30 AM in normal circumstances. But, sometimes due to other process dependencies,it takes time to finish it completely, exceeding up till 7:30 AM a few times. So, in order to go away with such an error margin in any instances, we recommend the user to generate it post 7:30 AM.
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