Not able to fetch quotes for BANKNIFTY strike 29500 and above

I was not able to get quotes for BANKNIFTY strikes 29500 and above all through today's trade session (13 March 2019).

Symbols upto 'NFO:BANKNIFTY1931429400PE','NFO:BANKNIFTY1931429400CE' work fine.

'NFO:BANKNIFTY1931429500PE','NFO:BANKNIFTY1931429500CE','NFO:BANKNIFTY1931429600PE','NFO:BANKNIFTY1931429600CE' etc do not work, there's no quote data corresponding to these symbols in the response.

To reproduce:

When will this issue be fixed?
  • ssanyal
    This is still not fixed even with the new Mar20 series. Can zerodha team look at this with priority?
    All of these are not available through quotes api.
    u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029900PE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932030100CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029800CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029900CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932030000CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029500PE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029500CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932030100PE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029800PE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029700CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029700PE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029600PE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932029600CE', u'NFO:BANKNIFTY1932030000PE'
  • rakeshr
    Above issue is resolved.You can check the same.
  • ssanyal
    Confirmed it is resolved. Thanks!
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