KiteXL not starting up Websocket behind Proxy Server

Hi @HowUTrade ,
I am using KiteXL for trading. However, when I am behind corporate proxy following steps are happening:

- Logging In
- Downloading Symbols
- Placing orders

Not Working:
- Websocket connection.

When I am trying Settings -> Misc -> Websocket -> Reset, The message is popping up, "Websocket is not live. Websocket connection not reset".

Could you suggest any troubleshooting steps?
  • Matti
    Best speak to your IT admin. A lot of corporate firewalls block websocket streaming. They should be able to unblock.
  • HowUTrade

    Yes, websocket will not work behind proxy. We have tried all, but we didn't make it work. So we stopped researching further on this. If we make it in future, let you know.

    But it is highly recommended and advised to run trading systems in cloud server. You can just spin-off a cloud server for $10. If you run system in PC/Laptop, you will surely end up with lot many issues (besides kite server issues), which eventually results in financial loss.
  • jenish_shakti
    @HowUTrade Thank you so much for valuable response. And also for suggested alternative solution.
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