Order failures this morning

harshal edited March 29 in General
I am seeing several orders placed through KiteConnect API fail with an RMS message this morning. The exact same order placed manually through kite web succeeds. The failure messages is as below and does not make any sense to me. Is anyone else seeing this?
RMS:Rule: Check freeze quantity for FO including square off order,Current:150, limit set:0 for entity account-XXXXXX across exchange across segment across product
The traded instrument here is a very liquid monthly nifty option, so I am having trouble believing that the freeze quantity for it is so small.
  • rakeshr
    Working fine for us.Freeze quantity for index is listed here.
    Can you try placing now?
    Also,Can you DM your client_id?
  • harshal
    This was an error at my end. My system placed some incorrect trades for expired contracts. Resolved now. If anyone can mark this as resolved somehow, please feel free to do so.
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