Node.js API :Error: async hook stack has become corrupted (actual: 9, expected: 10)

Hi Team,

I am getting below error at 9:15 only . The script running fine if I rerun the script any time after 9:15

Error: async hook stack has become corrupted (actual: 9, expected: 10)
1: 00007FF750CCF04A v8::internal::GCIdleTimeHandler::GCIdleTimeHandler+5114
2: 00007FF750C13118 v8::internal::LookupIterator::index+109496
3: 00007FF750CDD28E node::CallbackScope::~CallbackScope+718
4: 00007FF750CA8930 node::RemoveEnvironmentCleanupHook+576
5: 00007FF750BF4C6E v8::internal::compiler::Type::Type+7438
6: 00007FF750D152ED uv_timer_set_repeat+125
7: 00007FF750D121D0 uv_run+224
8: 00007FFAE95B1111
9: 00007FFAE95B10CC
10: 00007FF7514AC122 v8::internal:ptimizingCompileDispatcher::Unblock+59890
11: 00007FF7514AD5AD v8::internal:ptimizingCompileDispatcher::Unblock+65149
12: 00007FF7514AC606 v8::internal:ptimizingCompileDispatcher::Unblock+61142
13: 00007FF7514AC4EB v8::internal:ptimizingCompileDispatcher::Unblock+60859
14: 000000FA3DF5C5C1

Can you please suggest some solution.

Please note : I start my script before 9:15 and wait till 9:15 to subscribe the nifty bank data
  • rakeshr
    Error: async hook stack has become corrupted
    Request is timing out.It can happen at sharp 09:15 because of multiple requests in queue.Can you handle the exception at your end and retry the same with small delay.
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