no pre market data

why no pre market data?
  • enliyo
    Kite Devs, I am baffled how can you mess up systems each time after Mock sessions that happen on Saturday. The purpose of mock session is to test out the system and ensure that it works. In your case I suppose you are breaking it every time.

    This is simply not acceptable when users are paying highly for service. If I had other option I would have chosen something else.
  • hanzo
    what is wrong with the timestamps on this forum???? when i first saw guhan's post it had a timestamp of 3:36 AM so i thought it was unrelated to my issue. now the timestamp has changed to 8:36AM
  • Vivek
    Hi, we had minor hiccup with ticker api and it was fixed before 9.15AM. CDS market wouldn't have received ticks for 10 mins after market opening. Also this is not related to mock session we conducted on Saturday, we had a network failure from our tick provider to our servers and we had to switch to backup.
  • rishiswethan
    This is why we need an email notification when you notice errors...
  • enliyo
    Thanks for update Vivek. This may be one off issue not in your control. But what surprises me is that how come all these kinds of issue happen on Monday? Thats how I remember them; may be wrong.
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