no data in the premarket this morning?

i got no data this morning premarket. anyone else have issues?
  • hanzo
    ok why is my post timestamped 8:41 AM? it was 9:10 AM when i entered it, right after the preopen auction which ended at 9:08 AM.
  • hanzo
    this is what i hate about kiteconnect. we pay a lot for this service, and here we have a complete breakdown and a critical emergency and there is no way to get support. the devs are still snoring at home.
  • Vivek
    Vivek edited April 8
    Hi, we had minor hiccup with ticker api and it was fixed before 9.15AM. CDS market wouldn't have received ticks for 10 mins after market opening. We had a network failure from our tick provider to our servers and we had to switch to backup.
  • hanzo
    hanzo edited April 8
    this problem was know by 8:30 am. why was it not fixed before?

    i trade the pre-open auction from 9:00 AM.
  • Vivek
    @hanzo we got notified around 9AM right after CDS opened.
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