Currency data not streaming today for 10 mins - 08Apr19

The websockets didn't provide any data for any of the currency symbols today till 9:10:00. It should've started at 9:00:00, but nothing so far. This is throwing off the algos for the entire day. Pls check.

Ramakrishnan S
  • hanzo
    same here but for equities. no data at all for premarket auction. sounds like zerodha has messed up.
  • rakeshr
    rakeshr edited April 8
    Yes, there was issue in morning regarding CDS data feed.Which was resolved immediately.You can follow updates here.
  • hanzo
    rakeshr - do you workl for zerodha? there is no way to tell and its' confusing

    anyway you say this only effected CDS (which is assume is currency derivatives?)

    this problem was happening in equities in the pre-open auction
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