Callbacks for Postbacks over Websockets

I need to know how to get postbacks over websockets for order status. I found this in the kite connect documentation, but nothing more.
For individual developers, Postbacks over WebSocket is recommended, where, orders placed for a particular user anywhere, for instance, web, mobile, or desktop platforms, are sent.
The Python API docs have only callbacks for on_connect, on_ticks and on_close. Is there functionality to set some callbacks like on_order_status. Or how do I get those postbacks? I don't have a public server which can receive postbacks through Postback_url
  • sujith
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    You can check out the pykiteconnect documentation here for more information regarding the on_order_update callback.
  • hanzo
    all it says there is:

    on_order_update(ws, data) - Triggered when there is an order update for the connected user.

    how about describing the json for data?

  • sujith
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    How about reading the documentation?
  • hanzo
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    no need to get snarky, you punk

    you linked to the kiteconnect websocket documentation. why would order update information be there? under the order section in kiteconnect there are some data structures but it's not obvious to me which one (if any) "data" would use. i've searched on the forum and apparently it's a dict. why the hell is that not documented? and what does that dict look like?

    the link on your original post above has the details of the "tick" data type. why is there no information there on what "data" looks like?
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