How to place "Stop Loss Bracket Order"?

What is the syntax (in Excel) of placing Stop Loss Bracket Order?

Suppose Script "XYZ" ltp is Rs. 100.00, I want to place a Stop Loss Bracket Order at Trigger Amount Rs. 100.50, Buy Order at Rs. 101.00, Target Rs. 105.00, Stop Loss Rs. 99.00 and Trailing Stop Loss Rs. 1.00
  • HowUTrade

    The syntax for PlaceBO function is

    For your example, the formula will be
    OrdType = "SL"
    LmtPrice = 101.00
    TrgPrice = 100.50
    Sqoffvalue = 105-101 (Target - LmtPrice)
    Stoplossvalue = 101-99 (LmtPrice - Stoploss)

    Refer API doc for all functions and syntax.
  • SanjayKrSao

    Thanks for reply.
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