Invalid `checksum`


def start():
# login url: ''

# Collect request token from url which is redirected from the login url
request_token = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" # Cross checked

# Collect api_key and api_secret from the app
api_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" # Cross checked
api_secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" # Cross checked

kite = KiteConnect(api_key=api_key)
session = kite.generate_session(request_token=request_token, api_secret=api_secret)

I'm trying to generate a session to obtain an access_token. Invalid `checksum` is the error I'm being hit with. Is there any issue I need to fix or is it the problem at the sever end?
P.S. I recently created a new app(2nd) and this issue begun to show up. I've cancelled my first app's subscription a month ago. I'm trying to run this around mid-night on a weekend
  • Eswar
    It seems the issue lied at the sever end. I've tried generating a session in the morning and it ran with out any issues. The problem might be with the time at which I made the POST request to generate a session or it took few hours to activate my app.
  • ruchanavjyot1907
    I am also facing same problem today morning (just few mins before market start). Can anyone from Zerodha explain root cause behind this? Earlier I never faced this issue and it used to work immediately as soon as I activate my app.
    Does anything changed here? How much time will it take to activate it now???
  • rakeshr
    This issue is resolved.You can create access_token immediate post subscription/renew.
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