Trying to buy NCDs - BSE F Series

I am trying to place orders for BSE F series NCDS . say 11KFL23 etc. I am getting the error

status "error"
message "No valid orders found in payload."
data null
error_type "InputException"

I am passing this.

({"tradingsymbol": "11KFL23", "exchange": "BSE", "transaction_type":"BUY","order_type":"LIMIT","product":"CNC","price":1000,"quantity":1,"variety":"Regular","readonly": true});

  • rakeshr
    Change "variety":"Regular" to "variety":"regular".Go though all order params.
  • whity
    whity edited April 24
    @rakeshr Getting the same error. "Regular" is working well other scrips.
    Can you try the same trade?
  • rakeshr
    You are using Publisher basket, right?
    We checked below order params at our end and it's working fine for basket order.
    "tradingsymbol": "11KFL23",
    "exchange": "BSE",
    "readonly": true
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