Trailing Stoploss Logic needs to change

Hi Team,

I believe you have a great platform and with all the features you guys truly make my No 1 broker.
The only problem I am facing is with your trailing stop loss logic, as per me Trailing Stop Loss should be to protect your profits rather than reduce your loses, the later is in your platform.
When I place a trailing stop loss I am looking at my profits not getting into losses. This is the case with MT4 or any Forex Platforms.
So I place a BO order for XXXX stock at 100 with a SL of 90 and a Target of 120. Now my trailing is 3.
What I am expecting from a Trailing SL is when the price moves up to 103, the SL is changes to 100 (This way it protects my profit) and when the price moves further it moves the SL accordingly. Currently in your platform when the Price moves to 103 the SL is changes to 93, So in this case lets say the Price went till 108, Your SL is changed to 98 and then if the market crash I lose all my profits and go to loss.
But the actual Trailing SL should have given me 5 points profit.
Kindly check if there is any possibility for this or am I doing something wrong.

Thanks in Advance
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