How to check the pan card status without any proof?

I need to check my pan card application status. How to check it? Tell me the steps and possible way for checking that. I am new and i cannot access with that status in my mobile with my acknowledgement number. Shall i use any proof for find that. I need the special nature of information and sources about the pan card. Suppose i have lost my pan card means what can i do? Did you have any idea for collect lost pan card from online? What is the excellent way for access my new pan card. My sister lost their pan card. She is re-apply their pan card But same information and documents to be submit for that. Is it possible to get the new one? Let me know about the tricks and possible way for checking the status. If my pan card application is rejected means shall i get notification or any messages?
All types of required and important documents to be attach with the pan card application. But the address details are getting wrong. In future i need to change that. Because we are living in rend house. Within few months we are shift to new home in same city. What are the options are available to edit the details in pan card? Please submit the full information and required details about the pan card application. My friends are supporting me for applying new pan card. Apply new pan card in online is not a difficult process. It is very simple and easy to submit the all details. But i need about the information as check the status of applying pan card already. Did you have any idea for that means tell me here. I am new for using pan card and the website. So suggest me or guide me about that.
  • sujith
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