Ticker does not tick every 5 seconds on Holidays

Hi, I am using .net library from kite connect. I noticed that the ticker does not tick every 5 seconds. Is it because of holiday (just guessing)? I have picked the code from KiteConnectSample project. Below is the code of initTicker
private static void initTicker()
ticker = new Ticker(MyAPIKey, MyAccessToken);

ticker.OnTick += OnTick;
ticker.OnReconnect += OnReconnect;
ticker.OnNoReconnect += OnNoReconnect;
ticker.OnError += OnError;
ticker.OnClose += OnClose;
ticker.OnConnect += OnConnect;
ticker.OnOrderUpdate += OnOrderUpdate;

ticker.EnableReconnect(Interval: 5, Retries: 50);

// Subscribing to NIFTY50 and setting mode to LTP
ticker.Subscribe(Tokens: new UInt32[] { 256265 });
ticker.SetMode(Tokens: new UInt32[] { 256265 }, Mode: Constants.MODE_LTP);
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