BO trigger price check

Hi, CM BO orders are failing with error msg "ERROR : BO Trade failed: Trigger price for stoploss sell orders should be lower than the last traded price (1449.1). Try limit order to sell at a higher price.[2019-05-03 10:37:22]".

This is a new error seen from this week. Before that, all such orders were going through.

In our algo, there are situations where the SL order may have to be executed immediately. So the system sets a SL price higher than LTP for a SELL BO order.

Is it possible to disable this error check at your end?

Ramakrishnan S

  • themohammedfaisal

    Previously, when you use to place a bracket order with SL as entry, the entry order used to get converted to Limit order.
    Now you need to place a BO sell with Limit entry if you want to sell above market price and BO sell with SL entry if you want to sell below market price.
  • ramatius
    @themohammedfaisal Thanks for the quick response.
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