not able to login - getting error 'GetAccessToken: Value cannot be null'

Issue as described in the title.
08:34:46: ThreadStart: Thread UdpServerRtd is started with Id 3
08:34:56: KiteNet: Initialized
08:34:56: ThreadStart: Thread NewBackgroundWorker is started with Id 15
08:35:28: GetAccessToken: Value cannot be null.
08:35:45: GetAccessToken: Value cannot be null.
  • vmm
    I am able to login now. Not sure what caused the issue in the first place, if you could comment.
  • HowUTrade

    We suspect some intermittent network issue.
    Only yourself and another user reported this issue, working fine for rest all users.

    If the issue is persistent or occurring more frequently, let us know.

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