Kite session killed due to orders placed and cancelled?


So I got a call from zerodha today informing me that my kite session has been killed due to some 500+ orders being placed and cancelled @ 11 something AM. This was a bug in my system.

I was under the impression there was no such limit on orders and cancellations. Which I am refering to @sujith 's reply here:

Kindly let me know if any such limits have changed. Bugs come up in systems sometimes, but as long as the session is not violating the order per second why would a session be closed? I would consider this a very serious issue i.e. if I was away from the desk and not reachable then the program would stop working without me knowing about it, this can lead to monetary loss.

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    I would like to add that IMO

    Your team should have contacted me(which they tried and ultimately did), told me to stop the strategy or clear the bug. Which I was happy to do.

    But termination of session without violation of order/second(not violated) or orders/day(which is no limit according to the linked thread above) is weird. Even if it took them 2-3 hours to reach me.

    If there is such a limit/load problem please clarify so I may add a contingency.
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    This is our threat detection system at RMS which has flagged that your app is doing something that is wrong.
    As mentioned above, a user can place any number of orders and do anything as long as your app is not abusing our system with unnecessary API calls.

    The normal process is to call the customer, but if there is no answer, then the RMS team will terminate the session to safeguard your and our interests.

    If you have further queries regarding this, please contact the RMS team by calling support.
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