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We are 5-6 traders using kite api for algo trading. As of now we are subscribed with individual APIs which requires separate login for all users as well as separate renewal. Do you guys offer any service for multiple users where we can manage all the users together. Also please let us know is there is any way to avoid all users individual authentication.

It will be great if you guys provide order execution for multiple users all together.

  • sujith
    Hi @ranjithptb,
    The objective of the Kite Connect API is to provide more power to the individual users. We don't have any plans of providing it for multiple users. There are regulations around it as well which doesn't allow us to do so.

    It is mandatory by the exchange that a user has to login at least once a day. I am afraid you can't bypass the login process.
  • ranjithptb
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    Thank You Sujith

    If thats the case, could you please let me know what you guys mean by following sentence in page.
    "By default, the API is restricted to a single Zerodha user ID. If you want multi-user login support, please e-mail us"

    Please see the attached screenshot

  • sujith
    This is provided only for the exchange approved platforms which are developed to cater to masses like smallcase, streak and more as mentioned here.

    For more information regarding compliance queries, please write to talk(at)
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