Issue with Fetching BSE 1 MIN Data


I am trying to fetch historical data (minute interval) using python client. For NSE & CDX it is working fine.
But when I'am trying to fetch for BSE. It is frequently getting disconnected after fetching 1 or 2 records.

Kindly help.

  • rakeshr
    We check for few active bse script, historical data is fetched perfectly fine.Can you let us know the fetching instrument_token and disconnection error trackback in case of failure?
  • Romit
    My script fetches all the instruments for BSE & then loops through every instrument and get the data. Now while running the loop it works for few instruments and then I get exception.
    Attaching Screenshot.

  • rakeshr
    You need to increase the delay between each instrument token historical data request.Also,Historical Data APIs are not meant for fetching such a large number of instruments continuously.
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