Problem modifying bo

i have tried to modify bo using api it is giving me response

DEBUG: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
DEBUG: User-Agent: KiteConnect.Net/
DEBUG: X-Kite-Version: 3
DEBUG: Authorization: token zgh6pkwe4zoqnqg5:2qsYJDy8APm7C93bBXFD5OcLYQG5q166
DEBUG: 200 {"status":"success","data":{"order_id":"190603000993993"}}

with the success status but on the panel i got this error

can you please check and let me know why this is happening ?
  • sujith
    A modify request success means the request placement was successful, it doesn't mean the order is modified.

    In this case, OMS has rejected the order type modification which is the status message field in your orderbook.
  • deepmangukiya
    so is there any other alternative way to modify only stop loss thing from the bracket order. we really need this very much.
  • deepmangukiya
    and what are the circumstances where OMS can reject the modification so we can have idea what to take care.
  • sujith
    One can only place a modify request, can't actually go and modify order since the pending order will be at the exchange.
    There are 1000s of reasons. you can always know the reason in the status message field of that order response.
  • deepmangukiya
    you can close the ticket problem is solved.
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