Facing TokenException while trying to connect to Kite API

This line >> User user = kiteConnect.generateSession(requestToken, apiSecret); throws below stacktrace . It was working till a wile ago :
at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.kitehttp.KiteResponseHandler.dealWithException(KiteResponseHandler.java:48)
at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.kitehttp.KiteResponseHandler.handle(KiteResponseHandler.java:20)
at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.kitehttp.KiteRequestHandler.postRequest(KiteRequestHandler.java:85)
at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.KiteConnect.generateSession(KiteConnect.java:188)
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread.
  • ms9491
    Did a rebuild & it worked. Somehow requesttoken was populated with a stale value even though I was providing a latest requesttoken by extracting it from web response (I mean, by launching the request url that turns into a url with request token & manually extracting request token value from the response) which I then feed I to requesttoken variable through evaluate expression in intellij.
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