Pre-mature trigger of stoploss ?? (Or live & historical data is wrong?)

I have been facing a problem with bracket orders. My stoploss gets triggered even though the price doesn't reach there. Given below the order details:

Order Id: 190626000577205
Trading Symbol: VGUARD19JUNFUT
Buy timestamp: 2019-06-26 09:50:40
Trans Type: BUY
Quantity: 3000
Buyprice: 245.15
Stoploss: 242.3
Exit Time: 2019-06-26 09:59:07
Exit Price: 243.25

Now, the problem is, price actually never really reached to 243.25. The low price at 9:59 is 243.6 when I checked the real time data as well as the historical data for yesterday (26/Jun/19). You can check this yourself in kite or historical data API. This trade turned out to be a loser even though it was a hugely winning trade just because of this pre-mature SL hit.
Either the candle data is wrong or more seriously, there is a problem with the order management system. I think this is the third time happening to me. Earlier, when this happened, the price volatility was too much. So, I thought, probably, some technical glitch. But, in this example, the price movements were very quiet. So, I don't understand what is happening. Can someone please look into this on priority as I think this is critical issue and losing money due to problematic execution of orders is not an option for any real trader? Thanks.
  • themohammedfaisal
    Please check this article from the Support Portal.
  • coolkoti
    OK. This is helpful and clears the Order Management side of things. Thanks much for quick response.
    Now, coming to the data side, should I assume that, intraday OHLC data is hence not very reliable? In this case, obviously the 1 MIn, 5 MIn, 15 Min & 30 Min candles have shown the low as 243.6, which is not the "real" low. I do see this is happening to the open, high, close prices as well. But, probably this is the margin of error we should blend into our strategies? Curious to know how algos deal with this.
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread to get more insight.
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