Exiting Bracket Orders

- Placed a BO with Quantity 100.
- This order got executed (STATUS=COMPLETE) and is showed in the "Positions" section
- But now I see 10 orders in 'Orders' section for different quantities, say 20 each. Now is see a total of 10 orders (5 each for Stoploss and Target)
- All these pending second leg orders have same Parent ID ( I believe)

- Will exiting any of these second leg order(either stoploss or target), would exit entire order at once? or do I need to do it 6 times now?
  • Imran
    Hii @Sp98
    If we exit single child order the full order will be exited.
  • Sanjeev
    Means , all orders will be executed in single order id in Programming language like Python or Java right .
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