BO auto squareoff too early today - 01Jun19

All the BO positions got auto squared off between 15:11 and 15:15 today.
Typically this happens after 15:20. We haven't changed the algo in any way.
Also the positions were not closed at once - they were getting closed 1 or 2 at a time!
Have you changed these settings?

Ramakrishnan S
  • rakeshr
    Our RMS team has confirmed that there has been no pre-auto square off today.In case of any pre-auto square off, we will notify all the clients. There has been no change in any setting at our end.
  • ramatius
    Thanks @rakeshr .
    That is strange...
    Anyway, will check at our end.
    Assuming that 15:20 remains the auto-square-off time for CM.
  • ramatius
    @rakeshr Today also it auto-exited at 15:12!

    See screenshot.

    It would be great if we can gain some insight into this issue.
  • rakeshr
    We again invested at our end and can confirm you that all above BO order modification/execution has been done from your side.You can check the complete order log at your end. Maybe test that specific method/functionality individually.
  • ramatius
    Ok @rakeshr
    That is surprising.
    Anyway, will check again.
    Thank you for looking into it.
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