Frequently incorrect values of VIX

The values for VIX are frequently reported incorrectly (usually multiplied by a factor of 910). This was an issue that generally cropped up towards EoD. But today this has been the case since 9:15 (VIX values are in the range of ~13300 vs. actual ~14.69). The same values are visible in the Kite Web client as well.
There may be some calculation error at the data provider's end since the 910 factor remains the same whenever this error occurs.
  • sujith
    The concerned team is looking into this. This should be fixed by the end of the day.
  • rohitpoddar
    The issue has been fixed, but the historical 5min candles still have the incorrect values. The same is true for Kite Web charts.
  • sujith
    We have informed the data team and they are looking into this.
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