Kite Publisher API Parameters in redirect call

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I am planning to use the kite publisher api and I tested the api yesterday.
Observations - Even though the order was rejected in the callback to the redirect url we get the status as success ( which ideally should be failed right ? ) and request token as the other parameter.

I have couple of questions here-

1. How would I know which user placed the order and the order details since status and request token are the only two parameters which come with the redirect url ?
2. Kite publisher guide says you can use the request token to start a kite connect session. But how can one start it since it requires generating access token which can't be obtained without api secret key and the publisher api comes just with the api key and no api secret.

We are planning to use the Publisher API in our Android app to help people place orders directly from our app based on our stock recommendations.

Your help in this regard would be great for us.

  • sujith
    You need to use Kite Connect subscription in order fetch order details. Kite Publisher is only for placing orders.

    A success response in the publisher means order placement is successful and not the execution.
    Once you get a request token you can use it to generate Kite Connect session.

    If you are developing a product for mass, please do get in touch with the compliance team on talk(at) Make sure you pitch your product with all the required description.
  • Jinesh510
    Jinesh510 edited July 2019
    @sujith , thanks for the quick response. We already reached out to your team at Rainmatter and they suggested Kite publisher for an easier route. But seems the publisher api alone might not meet our expectations.

    If we are use Kite Connect APIs for small set of beta users ( less than 500 users ) for our product do we need any sort of approval from Zerodha to use the APIs or we can simply create the app from the portal and start using it ?
  • sujith
    We are just a bunch of developers here. We are not sure about the compliance stuff. Please write to talk(at) for compliance related queries.
  • Jinesh510
    Hi @sujith ,

    I was just going through the flow of Kite Connect API. What I am not getting is how do I link the kite login to my app's logged in user.

    Ex. Wser is logged in my android app. We provide him with an option to login to Kite ( link his Kite account ). He logs in and comes back to the redirect url. How do I associate this user to the logged in user since the redirect url comes back with just the request token and status parameter ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread. This might be helpful.
  • Jinesh510
    Thanks @sujith , I solved it using Django sessions on my end. But this seems very straightforward!
  • Jinesh510

    I have one doubt regarding the LTP quotes api calls in the KiteConnect SDK. Why is the user's access_token ( thereby must be logged in once in a day which wouldnt be the best of the user experiences ) required to get the LTP quotes ? Is there any which way we can do away with the access_token for this call ?

  • sujith
    According to the regulations, the live market data provided by the member is only for their clients for personal use. It is not a public API. Hence users need a valid access token to fetch the live market data.
  • sujith
    Please create a new thread for new queries. It might help others who are looking for the same.
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