Historical data date range for options

I am trying to download historical data for the last few years for options using the "continuous=1" parameter. 2 issues:
1) I frequently (but not always!) get the error: "interval exceeds limit: 2005 days". Is there such a limit? Because it isn't mentioned anywhere.
2) For all the options, despite giving a longer time range, I am getting data only starting from 22nd January 2019. Is data before that unavailable? Or is there any other issue.

I am using the Python client. Sample call (this is within 2005 days, so does not give any error, but the data is only from 22nd Jan 2019):
kite.historical_data(20608002, '2014-06-01', '2019-07-11', 'day', 1)

This is the id for TATAGLOBAL19JUL160CE. I know for a fact that TATAGLOBAL has traded around Rs.160 at various points in 2017, so this particular option would have been traded at that time. So data should have been available.
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