How frequently can I fetch my positions? (API Rate limit)

Hello there,

I have purchased Kite API and my strategy works on Tick data. As soon as my placed Buy order is executed, I need to put a sell order. Sadly there is no websockets API which can tell my that my order has been placed. Hence, I have to query kite.positions() to check if the buy order has been executed.

My questions are -
1. How frequently can I send a request to fetch my positions? Currently I use time.sleep(1) i.e. 1 req per second.
2. Is Kite built for (Medium/High) Frequency Trading? Our number of trades is very high and we are struggling with Kite API. Our strategy has to assume that if LTP crosses our buy price, then the buy order must have been executed. But sadly, that is not the case due to high volatility of our instruments.
3. How can we be certain that an order has been executed, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?
  • sujith
    Just one solution for all :) Use postbacks API. You can also get postbacks via websockets. For more information, you can refer documentation.
  • ZI4453
    @jayganesh .. Can you please consider posting your codes without your strategy ? i have some doubts and i would really appreciate if you help :) ..
  • jayganesh
    @sujith Thank you so much for answering. The postbacks API over websockets give order status updates only for orders placed using the API Key. I am an individual developer and I can not rely on the ngrok/server solutions posted on the other threads.

    Can I query my positions every 0.5 seconds?
  • sujith
    We don't recommend polling positions. You can use Websockets postbacks which don't require you to run a server.
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