How to get Nifty 50 all 50 products live market data

NSE India has been providing the Nifty 50 all 50 products details in with their own API. Same as please provide the API which provide the details of all 50 products of High,low, open, per, ltp details. Thank you.
  • ZI4453
    @balajee, is that API free ? if its from publically available source, can you please share it here ?
  • rakesh433jntu
    @ZI4453 Yes its free , we wont get live date. probably 2 or 3 mins old data. still needed reply me here.
  • ZI4453
    please share that API if its only available through "publicly available search"....
  • rakeshr
    No, we don't have pre-defined API to access OHLCV and other details specifically for Nifty 50 scripts.But it will easy to create at your end, as Nifty 50 scrip list is pre-defined.
    Defined Nifty 50 list and then keep on appending the nested dictionary with the required value after querying for required APIs(quote call, order placement,etc).
    Eg to define Nifty 50 list(in python):
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