Huge Delay in Quotes

Dear Kite Support,

With great expectations I have subscribed to Kite Connect. But to my surprise, the quotes provided by API is stale with huge delay. I have recorded the video to prove this point. Request you to check this issue and address the same. In the video, I have placed my app and Kite web side by side. You can observe the huge delay in API quotes including the LTP of Reliance Aug Futures.
  • ZI4453
    @arunpanjala - i am not kite dev .. but if you dont mind - i would like to know if thats kite publisher or API data? i see a "button1"
  • rakeshr
    Are streaming using Websocket Streaming feeds or Quote API?
    Are you doing any calculation at your end post receiving feeds, which might be causing this delay?
  • arunpanjala
    arunpanjala edited July 26
    I found the issue. I'm using websocket to receive quotes. However when I try to populate the Labels in my windows looks like the websocket streaming is getting delayed while the code is updating Label.text property. I commented the Lebel.text assignment and see that the quotes are just under 1 second delay (which I assume because websocket refreshes the quotes every 1 second - correct me if I'm wrong). You might want to note this point as many users might get delayed quotes based on local application processing.
  • arunpanjala
    @ZI4453 Thats the Kite API data which I'm processing in my custom built windows application. "Button1" that you see is one of my controls in my custom built application which is not related to the API.
  • ZI4453
    @arunpanjala ,, i suspected processing delay between streaming and data getting displayed in your application.. Thanks for your reply ..
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