What is the structure of the response for the API order_trades (ie how to find qty filled for order)

I'm using version 3 of Python kiteconnect client.
I am not able to find the structure of the response for order_trades API e.g
status = self.kite.order_trades(order_id)
how do I find out the quantity of the instrument that has been filled.
The pykiteconnect documentation does not state anything clearly - I looked at https://kite.trade/docs/pykiteconnect/v3/#kiteconnect.KiteConnect.orders
I also looked at the Kite API https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/orders/ but the description of the response is not clear to me.
I also searched through the forum questions and found that this response https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/2749/how-to-find-the-status-of-an-order which does not seem to be valid any longer because of the change in version.

Then I placed an aftermarket order and it seems that the status is a list. And one of the members of the list is a len. But again it is not clear to me what is the use of len. For me, since it was an aftermarket order, the value of len was 0.
I hope someone can provide an answer to what I would think is a fairly common issue.
And if someone can explain how I find this from the documentation, then possibly I don't have to post questions like this.

Additional question: It looks it looks like that the quantity can also be determined by looking at the positions using the api def positions(self)
but again , the structure of the response code is not clear to me and so I cannot use it.
What is the recommended way to find the quantity that has been filled? Is it order_trades or the API positions?

Thank you for any inputs
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