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amit123 edited July 2019 in Python client
After creating a bracket IOC order (which gets immediately completed), I receive the postback for parent order but not for the child orders that are created. This seems to be a new thing.

I am quite sure there is nothing wrong with my code. I have checked that child order are indeed created by logging in Kite Portal.

Note that all other postbacks are fine (e.g. cancellation or order, creation etc.) Also, if I immediately modify stoploss of child order of a Bracket Order (instantly after order creation) I never used to get postback for the modification, but i had ignored this earlier thinking that perhaps the system has some rate limit on postbacks or something like that. Can you please also look into this?
  • tonystark
    @amit123 Do you mean you didn't get postback for placing the second orders? Or after the second leg orders completed?

    If you have a log of postbacks can you post here?
  • amit123
    amit123 edited July 2019
    Here is the situation:

    1. bracket order placed and was checked to be complete. received postback for (creation of) parent order..
    2. two child orders were automatically created since it was a bracket order (i checked this on but no postback received for creation of child orders. So unless i fetch orders manually i wouldnt know anything about the child orders.
    3. entire bracket order exited (by web portal). postback received properly.

    the log had only orders received by postback. I deleted it. but i can recreate it if needed.

  • sujith
    You won't receive postbacks for open orders. The postbacks are pushed only when there is partial execution or complete execution or when there is a status change for trigger-based orders.
  • amit123
    amit123 edited July 2019
    I see. thanks for the clarification. Perhaps I used to get postback before only after modifying the stoploss values.

    But this is a problem because I need the child order ids in order to modify stoploss or target of a bracket order (or am I missing something?) It means I cannot only rely on postback. I have to manually fetch orders to get child order details after every bracket order.

    please let me know if there is a way of dealing with bracket orders and modification without manually fetching them.
  • sujith
    Yes, if there is an update to the order, you do get it but not for freshly placed orders.
    You need to fetch orderbook and check for the same.
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