Issue with kite.orders() used for getting details of zerodha orders

Hi, I am using algo trading for trading on zerodha. Today i was testing a new program that started firing orders as per my expectation. however, due to some error and some wrong parameter, my order was rejected by the kite. Now the number of rejected orders kept increasing. Now my problem is...i was using kite.orders to get detail of orders in every cycle and it was working fine. However, kite.order() stopped working after 3-4 hrs of the running program. Now i do not know if any issue from zerodha side OR amount of data is large that is why kite.orders() is not working.

So my question is...if i have more then 500 rejected orders in my orderbook then will kite.order() face any issue in getting that information.
  • ImVishal
    I also had the problem. My order didn't go through. at what time it happen to you ?
  • rishiswethan
    What time? Because The server is down from 1:25AM to something like 5AM-7AM in the morning for order, account related stuff.
  • rakeshr
    Were you able to log any error during above orderbook API fetch?
    Order book API fetch may time-out if there is bigger payload/data.
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