Huge price difference in LTP of Nifty and stocks

So, the monday blue continues where I need to figure out what is wrong with the trading system. Today the prices delivered by API are not consistent with the market data provided by Sharekhan and Tradingview.

At around 9:43 PM, the Nifty was at 10821 as confirmed on Tradingview and Sharekhan but Zerodha is showing Nifty at 10820. Although this is a small difference, few minutes earlier there was about 5 points of difference. I noticed this problem not only with Nifty but with other stocks as well e.g. CIPLA where I was trading and was confused why PnL is not changing as per the chart.

It seems that prices are delayed. Please fix!!
  • enliyo
    enliyo edited August 2019
    Yet another proof! This is making me extremely frustrated and irritated. Simply I do not understand how do you people mess up API on Monday?? I am seriously doubting to get my APIs from elsewhere now. This is simply lost opportunities for me when I need to troubleshoot the system instead of trading.

    That is 8 points difference!

  • shortwire
    Yes, I am observing the same thing also. The ticks being received are 25-30 seconds delayed starting today morning.
  • sujith
    You can follow up here.
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