Testing User_id and Password

The documentation which I an referring for integrating Kite with Android applications is as follows.



And then I got this library,


Is this the right way to implement?

Also you must be having TESTING USER_ID AND PASSWORD, can you please provide it?
So that we can do seamless testing after integration.
  • sujith
    The javakiteconnect is meant to be used for all the java applications including android apps, if it is somehow not feasible for your solution then you might need to fork the library, make changes and use it. Hence we have kept it open source.
    However, it is the version of the library which can be used to include in your Android apps.
  • sujith
    sujith edited August 2019
    We don't have a Sandbox environment yet. It is on our list of things to do. You will need a real Kite Connect subscription to try it out as of now.
  • darshakbhatt
    Thank you for the reply.
    Will try with javakiteconnect and please Sandbox environment, so that we have grounds for testing.
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