Order updates not received timely and orders going missing

Noticed lot of issues in today trading. My friend too observer similar issues yesterday in Kite site and mobile app yesterday.

1. The order update messages not received instantly through websocket (nodejs). Many times there was few minutes of delay between order getting executed and socket receiving push. Some of trades I closed today around 3 PM, socket updates were received after whopping 15 mins. This is serious.

2. In the morning when placed order for Tata global equity, the order didnt show in orders page nor in positions. When I opened Kite web, it started showing up in my app after some time. Similar issue somebody else faced yesterday in afternoon and he had to book loss on that trade because after placing order he wasnt able to close because that wasnt being shown in orders nor in positions in Kite web.

What is going on with API since yesterday? Anybody faced these issues?
  • rishiswethan
    rishiswethan edited August 2019
    I had the same issue today. I got notification in mobile and web only after market closed. The order book is working correctly, it's only the notification that has this issue
  • enliyo
    Well my system depends on socket push to get notification when order is complete/filled. In absence of that not happening I will have to tweak my system, again due to API not behaving.

    How come others are not raising this? Are you polling the order book after placing order to see if order is complete? That sounds inefficient.
  • rishiswethan
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    @enliyo I collect the order book to make sure that order is placed like I expected(quantity, type, etc). I know this is a bit much but I try to leave no room for errors. Also there could be network issues when waiting for socket push, while if there is an issue with fetching the order book, I get an exception thrown. It's been working for a very long time without any issues, so, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" :wink:
  • sujith
    There was some issue with at the OMS vendor side. We have informed them to take a look at this.
  • enliyo
    @rishiswethan thanks, that makes lot of sense after yesterdays experience.
  • DS4769
    Same problem continuing now, 1-2 minute delays in order updates from kws
  • sujith
    Is this something that popped up recently? Is this happening today as well? Is it consistent or intermittent?
  • sujith
    Are you sure, you are not blocking your main thread?
  • rishiswethan
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    @sujith This is happening only recently. Forget about kiteconnect, even mobile app notification for order completion has a delay
  • ZI4453
    i am interested to know the log of complete order cycle,timestamp will give us and Broker where exactly is failing to update.
    Ideally if the data is in DB of broker it is supposed to be reflecting on all end points irrespective of platform.
    If the order log shows that it has completed by 11.02(imaginary) and not yet been updated by broker then its issue from brokers end.
    As far i know i dont think its issue from broker's end .
    May be if we see complete order logs of that particular order's txn in question ,then we can make out where it went wrong.
  • sujith
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    @rishiswethan, @DS4769,
    We just tried on Kite web and Kite mobile. It seems fine. We almost got a notification immediately. Is this happening consistently or intermittent? Is it for a particular segment? We tried it for NSE. We need more information on this.
  • rishiswethan
    @sujith Only some times, like yesterday
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