Max quantity per order for Equity is 20,000. Try splitting in into multiple orders. Kite API Limit

I aware that, due to the technical glitch on last wednesday, max quantity is reduced to 20000, currently we have 5 place order call per second, any update on that restriction?
  • krtrader
    krtrader edited September 2019
    i am not sure if the rate limit is 5 orders or 10 orders/second

    But "Max 20k quantities + rate limit restriction" - this combination would create lots of problems for API traders.

    one restriction says you have to split the large orders. another won't allow you to place these split orders at the same time.

    This is a dangerous combination would result in slippages + opportunities loss + more brokerages

    Zerodha team, you should sincerely rethink about this scenario.

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