Example order payload for Cover order/ Bracker Order and MIS for large quantity orders - Request

Hi Team,

I am in the intiial stages of using the Python client for Kite. I have performed a couple of example trades with small quantities for BO, CO and MIS under equity and understand the response order payload structure, both for the primary orders/ first leg orders and the subsequent orders.

I request one example each for successful order response payload for Cover Order, Bracket order and regular MIS order on the scenario that an order gets split into several sub orders due to quantity split. For example, if I were to purchase 20 qty at market rate under Cover Order, and the primary order gets split into 2 orders of 10 quantity each, how would the order response payload look like?. Also requesting the same for exiting a cover order and bracket order.

I tried searching for the same on this forum but I dont think I am searching using the right keywords.

Thanks a tonne in advance
E DSouza
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