Increasing the number of watchlist and number of instruments per watchlist

Hey there..

Couldn't you do away with the only 5 watchlists and 50 stocks per WL restriction?
There are ~160 stocks in F&O. That alone takes up 3 watchlists.
Commodities takes up another.
There will be some cash stocks to follow.
So that completes the 5 WLs.

We'll need more Watchlists if we were to pick 10-15 stocks from these to day trade.
Maybe another WL to watch for swing or, track even closer.
Then there are ppl like me who classifies them into bullish / bearish. I like to do daily homework and categorise stocks into bullish or bearish, in wrt higher time frames.

I could do daily analysis elsewhere, and track only the hot stocks in Kite. But with you introducing Tradingview charts, it seems like a waste to alternate between different platforms, although that's what I have been doing. I draw lines and mark levels on another site, and then recopy the lines on hotstocks into zerodha kite. I have to do this copying and modifiying in zerodha everyday.

Most other brokers provide unlimited number of watchlists, and no restrictions on instruments per WL.
Thanks for all the good work.
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