Orders are getting rejected from API


I am trying to place orders from API. AT the time of placing, I am getting a successful feedback with an order number. Later I see in web interface it got rejected due to
" MIS / Bo / CO orders are blocked for this instrument. Try placing a NRML/CNC ..."
The fact is I have tried to place the order on 'NSE:SBIN' and 'NSE:RBLBANK' with NRML product. But still I am getting the error. When I tried to place from web, I saw this order got queued. Although I cancelled this later.

Will you please guide.
  • rakeshr
    Can you let us know the complete order params, you are sending?
    I am getting a successful feedback with an order number.
    Yes, order_id will be available even for rejected orders.
  • XG9131
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    this is the code, I have used

    Dictionary<string, dynamic> responseBUY = AppGlobal.StocBrokerAPI.PlaceOrder(
    Exchange: OrderInstrument.Exchange,
    TradingSymbol: _orderInstrument.TradingSymbol,
    TransactionType: Constants.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY,
    Quantity: qty,
    Price: price,
    OrderType: Constants.ORDER_TYPE_LIMIT,
    Product: _product
    _zorderID = responseBUY["data"]["order_id"];

    2 orders created with order ID -

    _product is NRML.

    Please let me know if you may need other details
  • rakeshr
    For EQ category stocks, you need to send OrderType as 'CNC' not 'NRML'.'NRML' product type is for F&O scrips. Have a look here for complete params.
  • XG9131
    Thanks so much.. :)
  • XG9131
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    One more doubt, what would be MIS equivalent for EQ, please?
  • rakeshr
    MIS(intraday) order_type remains same for both EQ and F&O.
  • XG9131
    Thank you.
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