Long lived connection

My app runs in daemon mode in the background collecting data every day. (This historical data is later used for other purpose). I can log in the app to my zerodha account and it collects data for that market day perfectly. However around midnight the connection/session goes invalid. Thus I have to manually log in the morning every day for the app else that day's data would be skipped.
Is there any way to create a long lived connection that would either not be invalidated at midnight or can be revalidated automatically without human intervention?
  • ZI4453
    i believe this broker dont allow automation on login process and they refresh token every 24 hours.As per Exchange rules,Login automation irrespective of OMS or market data utilization is not allowed.
  • sujith
    As @ZI4453 mentioned, we don't recommend automating login because of the regulations.
  • sudipto
    Thanks for the reply. That clarifies things
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