facing issue in rest request since 2 days after specific time

Hello Kite Team,

since last 2 days i am facing issue with rest request as explained below:
normally we are using live web-socket stream for our analysis,
but some time we are also using rest request like "getlastquote" and "getlastltp"

we are facing issue with this rest request since last 2 days after 9 PM.
i.e :
1. silver running rate in web-socket stream is 47450 - 47460 at same time if we call rest request of getlastquote it return 47570 - 47590
means almost 100 rs difference .
2. nickel running rate in web-socket stream is 1238 - 1240 at same time if we call rest request of getlastquote it returns 1230 - 1231

web-socket stream is perfect at that time , we already compared to other terminals , but this rest response is total wrong .

for your more information
1. we are using same login since 2-3 months and never faced this type of issue with rest request.
2. and we are not disconnecting our web-socket channel for full day.

is this issue is also related to your main thread which you talked about yesterday ? ( i do not think so , because this is rest request ).
did you changed anything since in this rest request ???

is there any thing new do you wants to share with me on technology side change ?

please reply me .

  • sujith
    Does it happen during the day or only after 09:00 PM?
    I just tried for SILVER DEC FUT and it seems to be matching.
  • sbdavra
    during day it is working perfectly

    after 9 pm we are facing above issue , and it is since only from last 2 days.
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