today on 3rd october 2019,ticks received were of size 0 after 3 pm for lots of tokens subscibed


Im using websocket to get live data and i have received data for few days before today without issues from 9:15 am to 3.30 pm.but today ie 3rd october 2019,after 3pm for all the tokens that were subscribed,there was no data received ie ticks size was 0 though im able to see on pi that new candles and prices were there after 3 pm as usual for these stocks.was there some error or outage on kite connect side.please let me know what caused this absence of data post 3 pm.also,in case the error is on kite connect side,will these data be published later.

Thanks and regards
  • sujith
    We haven't observed any issue with the Kite Ticker yesterday afternoon.
    Did you get any error from OnError callback?
  • vasisht
    vasisht edited October 2019
    @sujith ok. thanks. i will check at my end.
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