Margin API call giving 0 even though amount is present which I can see after login

Hi zerodha team,

I am making margin call but getting 0 even though amount is present in zerodha account.

{"enabled": true, "net": 0, "available": {"adhoc_margin": 0, "cash": 0, "opening_balance": 0, "live_balance": 0, "collateral": 0, "intraday_payin": 0}, "utilised": {"debits": 0, "exposure": 0, "m2m_realised": 0, "m2m_unrealised": 0, "option_premium": 0, "payout": 0, "span": 0, "holding_sales": 0, "turnover": 0, "liquid_collateral": 0, "stock_collateral": 0}}
  • prateek3211
    Morning screenshot shows data but now it's empty
  • rishiswethan
    rishiswethan edited October 5
    Yeah, happens during all mock trading days. It'll start working soon
  • prateek3211
    Don't think so. Last month's mock trading day it worked fine & also if this issue persists then no-one would be able to place order as margin error would be thrown.
  • sujith
    After every mock, the data is flushed and filled back with the real data after BOD. If you try to access data in between then you might receive wrong data.
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